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Iconic Lashes Kit


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Kit that contains lashes primer and mascara with microfibers with

“extension” effect.


Iconic Lashes Mascara

EFFECT: extra volume mascara

FINISH: creamy and enveloping

DESCRIPTION: lengthening mascara, deeply intense, with black
microfibres, which sculpt the look, for lashes with extreme
length and volume, “extension” effect

FORMULA: its flexible formula envelops and protects the lashes,
leaving them soft and flexible even when the mascara dries,
without dragging or smudging. With a single application, it
captures every single lash, for even distribution of mascara.
Even the shortest or hardest to reach lashes immediately appear
longer and thicker

APPLICATION: start from the lash line at an angle of 45° and
proceed up to the lengths, first on the upper lashes and then on
the lower ones. Proceed with a second application for an extreme
effect of the lashes.


The Primer


Moisturizing and strengthening lash primer. It makes them thicker,
more voluminous and numerous.

Facilitates the application of mascara and prolongs its duration.

The primer color is nude, to facilitate application and see exactly
where the product is being placed. Once the mascara is applied, it
will disappear completely, leaving the lashes longer, even more curved
and stronger.

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