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Eyeshadow Mono


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Eyeshadow available in different textures and shades,
for multiple, long-lasting make-up effects.


EFFECT: Modifiable.

TEXTURE: Pigmented but highly blurred.

FORMULA: compact and highly pigmented formula. Intense
colors, easily blendable, even for the most inexperienced.
Smooth and silky texture.

DESCRIPTION: pigmented eyeshadow with modular writing. The
texture, made up of ultra fine powders, makes it easy to
blend and use. Available in different textures and shades.
Produced with important weight, a small quantity of product
is sufficient for an intense and lasting look. Indispensable
to emphasize the look.

APPLICATION: apply the eyeshadow with Nee Professional Eye
Brushes. To accentuate the look, apply a light eyeshadow inside
the mobile eyelid and a darker shade in the outer corner and
along the crease of the mobile eyelid.


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